The Mansion Phu Quoc

The Mansion Phu Quoc is a mini hotel that celebrates the enchanting beauty of Phu Quoc Pearl Island through mermaid-inspired design and locally-inspired cuisine. With intuitive service and detailed design, visitors can enjoy an outstanding experience that embraces the essence of the island and its people, enhanced by advanced technologies for a memorable stay.

The concept was inspired by the story of a Portuguese businesswoman – La’Pettite Sirene, whose ship sank off An Thoi, Phu Quoc. The story revolves around the adventure of searching for her secret benefactor…

Inspirational Story – La’Pettite Sirene’s adventure

Alessandro Romano once told about a field trip to visit the seafood market with his close friend – Mrs. Sirene sailed to the Gulf of Thailand and stopped at a coastal fishing village, which many believe to be the current An Thoi fishing village in Phu Quoc. The trip took place in August 1670, during the rainy season, to visit Portuguese business friends and learn about local specialties.

La’ Pettite Sirene (Sirene) was a Portuguese businesswoman who had a deep passion for the sea. She came on the ship Santa Maria which was hit by a massive storm with strange multicolored clouds and sank after three days at sea. While La’Pettite Sirene was rescued by local people, her ship remained at the bottom of the ocean.

After waking up, she recounted a strange dream about a girl with soft seaweed-like hair, deep green eyes that were mesmerizing, and a lower body of a large fish covered in shimmering blue-purple scales. The surrounding scenery was like an empire with huge coral walls, a grandiose castle with roofs made entirely of seashells, and at the top of each tower were large, dazzling pearls. After taking a pearl and hearing a sweet song, she woke up on the beach…

Later, when she had to return to Europe, she left everything behind in her house in Duong To. Before bidding farewell to her friends and the hospitable locals, she left some of her possessions with the hope that they would continue to collect information about the mythical creatures she encountered at the bottom of the ocean and express her gratitude for their hospitality.

After reading the remaining notes and examining some of her ancient artifacts, the design team of The Mansion Phu Quoc decided to use these as materials and incorporate them into the hotel project with a mermaid theme – built in her old house, as a step to preserve her findings to this day:

  1. Atlan Restaurant: bringing about the flavors of Phu Quoc sea region, combined with a special event gathering famous chefs from all over the country, along with a unique and distinctive concept menu.
  2. Tania Standard Room: in the style of a boat, small but cozy and well-equipped, creating a sense of excitement as if embarking on a new adventure, where surely there will be mysterious things to discover in the beautiful Phu Quoc.
  3. Santa Maria Suite Room: like a ship that has been on a long journey and has retained the essence of the local culture and experience, the room promises to create a feeling of long sea voyages with a comfortable and convenient space, helping guests immerse themselves in the natural atmosphere of Phu Quoc’s fishing village.


The one and only Grand Suite – La’Pettite Sirene, represents the results obtained after a journey, the souvenirs that can open up new quests in the future. The room is redesigned from a display room of the most precious artifacts of Madame Sirene in the past, where there are seashells attached to her body and exquisite furniture shining with bright colors.

The Mansion Phu Quoc has 4 room types in accordance with the story behind it as an appreciation to the adventure of Madame Sirene…

La’Pettite Sirene – Grand Suite Room

Tania – Standard Room

Santa Maria – Suite Room

Phu Quoc’s cuisine and unique flavors satisfy world’s visitors…

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