Drone Technology Development – Mesmerizing Drone show: The Mansions Group partnered with MiSmart

Drones Technology is the automatic control or flight programming of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems used in various fields. In the Entertainment field, Drones act as a separate tool that is able to interact with artists to create aerial performances, combining unique light and sound effects, providing an eye-catching scene for the audience.

Our goal is to make an outstanding contribution to the popularity of Drones Technology in Vietnam by creating unique but accessible experiences such as indoor Drone shows to serve for events from small to large (Launching products ceremonies, Celebrations, Concerts, etc.) and provide Drones Technology as a form of quality enhancement for the Entertainment and Advertising industry.

1. What is Drone Technology?

Drones is a term that refers to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with extremely compact dimensions and engines, fully equipped with outstanding technological features to meet the needs in different sectors. With a fully automatic & AI-operated mechanism with high precision, Drones are easily tracked and controlled on smartphones with one touch.

Drones have become popular since their introduction to the consumer market around the early 2010s. After that, researchers have highlighted numerous benefits of drones, such as their ability to capture aerial imagery, perform remote inspections, and even deliver goods. As a result, drones have found applications in various areas in the early days including photography and videography, search and rescue operations, etc. Their versatility and efficiency have made them a valuable tool in numerous industries. Nowaday, drones continue to be researched and already be used in:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Entertainment
  3. Advertisement
  4. Military
  5. Logistic
  6. Construction
  7. Industry
  8. Scientific Research
  9. Hydrometeorology

2. Applications of Drone Technology:

This technology has numerous applications across various industries, and recently, the remarkable development was its potential for transforming the way we entertain, experience, and advertise. Some of the exciting applications of Drone in Entertainment & Advertising are:

  1. Showcasing: cultural performances, sporting events, exhibitions, music concerts
  2. Marketing Solutions: trade shows, corporate events

3. Strategic cooperation

By developing Drone Shows, businesses will create effective communication effects, not only for product launch, brand advertising, campaign running, but also contribute to bringing advanced technology closer to the Vietnamese customers. Our goal is to provide Drones technology experiences to help businesses easily access and apply effectively.

In recent years, Drone has made their way into Entertainment and Marketing Industry, offering a range of benefits that can improve efficiency and productivity. Together, we are aiming to exploit the massive values of Drone in Entertainment & Marketing, including:

  1. Using drones manufactured by MiSmart in Vietnam: MiSmart’s drone manufacturing technology is certified to ISO 9001:2015, with the goal of bringing technology that meets international standards to solve problems for Vietnamese customers, MiSmart always has constant innovation efforts in every Drones product line launched into the market. 
  2. Distributing Drones through the form of Drone Shows: Ensuring personalized designs for each requirement, breaking through with innovative new technology, flexible with service packages suitable for different customer groups and purposes, and comprehensive service from planning to rehearsal scenarios. 
  3. Consulting Drone Solutions: We have different consulting service packages including Basic Show, Show with Drones, and Light Show, suitable for the different demands of organizations.
  4. Program planning support: support customers in creating ideas and data, and plan the implementation from script to rehearsal, including related documents to ensure the most complete service experience. 
  5. Drones Show implementation & risk management: Combined with a reputable Drones supplier in Vietnam – MiSmart, we are committed to directly monitoring, operating, and managing the risks of our services for customers. 

Mercury Solutions and Mismart are excited to announce a new project that utilizes Drone Technology to boost the productivity and effectiveness of various industries, starting with Entertainment and Marketing. The project involves using “Swarm” drones by MiSmart with outstanding specs to support companies and organizations in creating value for their customer. Our goal is to become the number one drone show provider in Vietnam and encourage Vietnamese corporations and units to use the drone show as a business solution.

This collaboration promises to create a remarkable development in the Drone Show industry in the Vietnamese market, bringing a high-tech form with uniqueness & attractiveness to Entertainment & advertising industry in Vietnam.